Voluntary Benefits

Additional Benefits for Employers

Voluntary Benefits also provide employers with additional advantages in their industries, such as:

Can be set up at little or no cost to the employer

Lower's taxes for both employer and employee

Creates financial wellness for employees

Increases job satisfaction, productivity and overall bottom line

Voluntary Benefits - Employer Advantages

An extra sense of well-being
for your employees

Show strong commitment to your employees by offering Voluntary Benefits that fulfill a range of critical life needs such as health, lifestyle, security and personal issues.  Voluntary benefits (sometimes referred to as ancillary or worksite benefits) offer a real solution to today’s unprecedented  high premiums, deductibles, and healthcare costs. With coverage that goes beyond traditional employer paid benefits, employees can better afford certain health services that typical health insurance doesn’t cover.

Voluntary Benefits Employees

Provide the Most In-Demand Benefits in Your Industry

Ensure that you have the most attractive Voluntary Benefits package by providing the most popular benefits that employees are looking for. Roland Barrera insurance can develop a custom Voluntary Benefits package that will rival others in your specific industry.